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Check out our fantastic new original Falcons logo below, commissioned and designed exclusively for us by Tribeca Group, our uniform and merchandise supplier The purpose of our Select program is to provide an additional opportunity for our more skilled and enthusiastic players to play hockey in a more challenging and competitive setting. As with our House League, the goal of the Select program is to foster good sportsmanship, the development of positive social skills, team play and hockey skills.

For the 2015-2016 season, where numbers justify and ice time is available, we plan to enter a Select team in the North York Hockey League for every birth year from 2009 to 1998. The North York Hockey League is open to house league select teams in the Greater Toronto area and operates under the umbrella of the GTHL.

TeamTryout 1Tryout 2Tryout 3
2009 TykeMay 2, 8amMay 3, 8amMay 10, 8am
2008 Minor NoviceMay 2, 9amMay 3, 9amMay 17, 11am
2007 - NoviceMay 2, 10amMay 3, 10amMay 9, 3pm
2007B - NoviceMay 10, 9amMay 23, 3pmMay 24, 10am
2006 - Minor AtomMay 2, 11amMay 3, 11amMay 9, 4pm
2005 - AtomMay 2, 12pmMay 10, 10amMay 17, 2pm
2004 - Minor PeeweeMay 2, 1pmMay 3, 12pmMay 17, 3pm
2003 - PeeweeMay 2, 2pmMay 3, 1pmMay 16, 4pm
2002 - Minor BantamMay 2, 3pmMay 16, 5pmMay 17, 1pm
2001 - BantamMay 2, 4pmMay 9, 5pmMay 16, 6pm
2000 - Minor MidgetMay 2, 5pmMay 9, 6pmMay 17, 12pm
1999 - Midget JuniorMay 2, 6pmMay 3, 2pmMay 9, 7pm
1999B - Midget JuniorMay 22, 8pmMay 23, 5pmMay 24, 1pm
1998 - Midget SeniorMay 2, 7pmMay 9, 8pmMay 16, 8pm

Only those players who have registered with the FHHA for House League prior to the first tryout date, and have received official confirmation of acceptance from the Registrar will be allowed to try out for a Select team. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED ON THE ICE UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED INTO HOUSE LEAGUE - NO EXCEPTIONS!

During the North York Hockey League season teams generally play one game and have one practice a week. In the spring however, during playoffs and tournaments, the number of games is likely to increase. It is a Forest Hill Hockey tradition that Select teams enter one out of town tournament per year. Parents are welcome and encouraged to accompany the team. In addition, Select teams may enter one or more local tournaments.

There is an additional fee payable for select hockey that is paid after the team has been selected. A letter detailing the fees and the select program will be handed out at the beginning of the season.
Scroll News
  • Parent Volunteer Needed For Treasurer-Director Position
    Click here for details.
  • Select Tryout Schedule has been released
    Click here to go to the Select page.
  • House League Registration for the 2015-2016 season will begin April 1 ONLY for players who wish to try out for Select hockey
  • General Registration for House League and the Learn to Play Program will begin April 15 2015
    Click here to go to the Registration page.
  • FHHA has been awarded 8 GTHL teams for the 2015/16 season
    Click here to view April tryout times, dates and coach contacts.
  • The FHHA Annual General Meeting will be held on April 21, 7pm at the FHHA Arena
    All parents of FHHA players are invited to attend.
  • We are looking for goalies for the Senior Division for next season
    Please let your friends know and have them register, indicating that they are a goalie.
  • Forest Hill Player Development Announces Select-level Sessions Beginning in January
    Click here for more info.
  • FHHA announces new revised Squirt Program for 2014-15
    Click here for details.
  • FHHA Announces Publication of its Updated League Constitution
    Click here to view.
  • Two New League Policies
    1. The 24-Hour Rule
    2. Social Media and Networking Policy.
  • House League Rules Reviewed & Updated
    House League Rules reviewed and amended for the 2013-14 season. Please click here to view the latest amendments. Please click here to view the current House League set of rules.
  • Ontario Hockey Federation Removes Body Checking from Recreational Hockey
    Click here for more info.
  • GTHL Announces New Speak Out Certification Mechanism for Bench Staff
    Click here to view.
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