Our Select and CDS (Competitive Development Stream) program provides additional opportunities for our more skilled and enthusiastic players to play hockey in a more challenging and competitive setting. As with our House League, the goal of the Select/CDS program is to foster good sportsmanship, the development of positive social skills, team play and hockey skills.


For the 2024-2025 season, where numbers justify and ice time and coaching is available, we plan to enter a Select team in the North York Hockey League or CDS for every birth year from U7 thru U18, and possibly two teams in certain age groups. The North York Hockey League is open to teams from House League associations in the Greater Toronto area and operates under the umbrella of the GTHL. The CDS program is a community based group in younger divisions made up of other local House League associations offering a program similar to Select which follows all of Hockey Canada’s development guidelines. See below for additional information regarding CDS.


Select/CDS Tryouts/Evaluations will start May 2024 and continue in September/October 2024, depending on your player's birth year, following our GTHL “AA” and “A” tryouts. An email with tryout/evaluation information will be sent to all players who indicated during the registration process that they are interested in Select/CDS hockey. Please check below for more Select/CDS tryout/evaluation information.

Only those players who have registered with FHHA for House League prior to the first tryout/evaluation date and have received official confirmation of acceptance from the Registrar will be allowed to try out for a Select/CDS team.



During the North York Hockey League and CDS seasons, teams generally play one game and have at least one practice a week. In the spring however, during playoffs and tournaments, the number of games is likely to increase. It is a Forest Hill Hockey tradition that Select/CDS teams enter one out of town tournament per year (this is obviously dependent on current pandemic protocols).  In addition, Select/CDS teams may enter one or more local tournaments.

There is an additional fee payable for Select/CDS hockey that is paid after the team has been selected. A letter detailing the fees and the program will be handed out at the beginning of the season to those chosen during tryouts.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Select/CDS Tryout/Evaluation Schedule for 2024/2025 Season
(as of April 8, 2024)


**all tryouts are at Forest Hill Arena, please arrive 30 minutes before ice time**
**the second tryout listed
MIGHT BE by invitation only, please check with the coach at tryouts**

Under-10 (2015)
Monday, May 13 - 7pm
Saturday, May 25 - 9am

Under-11 (2014)
Tuesday, May 14 - 7pm
Saturday, May 25 - 10am

Under-12 (2013)
Wednesday, May 15 - 7pm
Saturday, May 25 - 11am

Under-13 (2012)
Monday, May 13 - 8pm (ALL)
Saturday, May 25 - 12pm (CANCELLED)
Sunday, May 26 - 11am (BLUE, by invite only)

Under-14 (2011)
Wednesday, May 15 - 8pm
Saturday, May 25 - 1pm

Under-15 (2010)
Tuesday, May 14 - 8pm (ALL)
Saturday, May 25 - 2pm (ALL)
Sunday, May 26 - 12pm (if necessary)

Under-16 (2009)
Wednesday, May 15 - 9pm
Saturday, May 25 - 3pm

Under-17 (2008)
Tuesday, May 14 - 9pm (ALL)
Saturday, May 25 - 4pm (GOLD, by invite only)
Sunday, May 26 - 1pm (BLUE, by invite only)

Under-18 (2007)
Monday, May 13 - 9pm
Saturday, May 25 - 5pm



All development skates and evaluations will be held at Larry Grossman Forest Hill Arena and will be run by instructors.  There will be a fee to participate in the development skates and for evaluations.  More details to follow soon.

**the third & fourth evaluations listed are by invitation only, please check with the coach at evaluations**

Under-7 (2018)


Under-8 (2017)


Under-9 (2016)



Select Coaches Contact Info for the 2024/2025 Season

2015 - U10 - TBD - Jeremy Zuker -, Eric Silber -

2014 - U11 - Michael Arbus -

2013 - U12 - Brian Rudolph -

2012 - U13 GOLD - Kobi Bessin -

2012 - U13 BLUE - Bram Belzberg -

2011 - U14 - Brad Goldsmith -

2010 - U15 GOLD - Lawrence Clarfield -

2010 - U15 BLUE - Mark Bordo -

2009 - U16 - Todd Schopp -

2008 - U17 GOLD - Justin Cohen -

2008 - U17 BLUE - Mike Winter -

2007 - U18 - Craig Perlmutter -



For our U7, U8 and U9 age groups, we offer a Competitive Development Stream (CDS) program focusing on long term player development in accordance with the Hockey Canada and Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) Player Development Model and the GTHL Initiation Program. Highlights of this program include a smaller ice surface, simpler game structures, and increased ice time and puck-carrying, all leading to more shots and goals and exciting games.

Similar to our Select program, the CDS program is an optional extension of our House League and will be available to players registered for our House League in these age groups on an evaluation basis. We typically have 2 CDS teams for each age group.

In addition to our House League program, players on a CDS team will participate in one or two additional practices per week and will play approximately one weekly development game (20-25 games per season) against CDS teams from neighbouring hockey associations, including Leaside, North Toronto, North York and Scarborough.  In addition, CDS teams may participate in tournaments or festivals throughout the season.

Specifics regarding CDS game formats will be provided prior to the start of the season.

CDS development games will begin in October after Thanksgiving and will not be scheduled over holidays or during the public school system March Break.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


CDS Coaches Contact Info for the 2024/2025 Season

2018 - U7 - TBD

2017 - U8 - TBD

2016 - U9 GOLD - TBD

2016 - U9 BLUE - TBD