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Forest Hill Hockey Association

The Forest Hill Hockey Association has been a proud supporter of community hockey, and a provider of a safe and nurturing hockey environment since 1960.

The founding members would be proud to see how the Association has grown significantly, with over 800 players participating in our Learn to Play, House League, Select (North York Hockey League) and GTHL (Greater Toronto Hockey League) "A" and "AA" level programs.     SEE MORE


As we begin the process of registering for our next hockey season, the Forest Hill Hockey Association is announcing that we will be transitioning our program to align ourselves with Hockey Canada, and the Ontario Hockey Federation in the introduction and adoption of a new Modified Ice program for children under 8 years of age. 

After many meetings, with the aforementioned sanctioning bodies, and ALL of our peer Associations, GTHL and NYHL, the FHHA board would like to ensure our community that all concerns were discussed and addressed. We would like to also stress that this new program will be adopted by ALL associations. The modified ice program will also be used by the NYHL in the select program for the appropriate age groups.

This program, which will start in the 2018/19 season is already implemented globally by other hockey nations with great success, which led Hockey Canada doing their own extensive research into the program. The objective is not about making our teams or our nation more competitive, but rather about growing the game of hockey and our children enjoying themselves. The net result is strong healthy hockey communities. We emphatically support this new program and believe it will help fill our arena with children and families who enjoy being part of the game of hockey.

While the final structure of our program is still being fine-tuned, the modified surfaces will allow for greater skill development, balancing, more puck touches and we hope, a greater enjoyment and love for the game.

I am sure there will be many questions, concerns and opinions, all of which we can ensure you we have already asked, but feel free to send us yours. 

Aaron Greenberg

President, FHHA

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